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The project “Seriestorm” is financed by Arvsfonden, and we aim to create meeting places for children from various backgrounds, outside school. The project period is october 2016–October 2019. We arrange comic-making workshops, for children of 9 to 12 years of age. The workshops consists of exercises in storytelling and making images in various techniques, making our own fanzines, and reading comics aloud. We run workshops in Malmö, Huddinge, Kramfors and Umeå.


We also have a free summer camp in Nordingrå, scroll down to read more and to sign up!


Our aim is to develop an intercultural method of pedagogical work in making images and narration. We want to create meeting places where children can come together on equal terms regardless of background, and where language and previous experience are not crucial for the individual child's ability to participate in the project activities.The goal is to give the children practical experience of a respectful treatment, and participation on equal terms. The adults in the project are interested in the children's own stories, their individual experiences and self-perception. We want to create a space where they are allowed to independently define who they are, and what they feel as being important to them.


We who work in the project are cartoonists and artists with previous experience of pedagogical work involving children and comics.

Free summer comic camp in Nordingrå

17–20 juni 2018

We have received a lot of signups for the summer camp 2018, and right now we do not have any available spots left. If you are interested, send us an application and the child will be put in line. Tip: Kramfors library has a Seriestorm Day in the end of July, which is open to the public. Contact Sebastian Gunnesson for more information!


Do you live in Kramfors municipality and like to draw or read comics? Sign up for our comic camp this summer!


The camp takes place in Vännersta, Nordingrå a couple of miles outside Kramfors, and is open for children between the ages of 9 to 12.


We are offering 4 days full of comics, story making, carfts and the possibility to try different art techniques in the Järnsta culture association's house in Vännersta.


We will take creative excursions, paint, put together our own comic magazines and have fun! You don't have to know anything about how to draw comics to be a part of the summer camp.


The camp is being held during the day and we will serve both lunch and an afternoon snack.

The schedule for the camp is 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM, Sunday to Wednesday on the 17th to the 20th of June.


If you don't have the possibility to come to the camp with your own car, we will pick you up with our minivan!


Sign up here!

Download and fill out the form, save it and email it to:

Workshop leaders

Project manager

Hanna Lundin Tistelö is a cartoonist and artist, born in Umeå. She now lives in Malmö. Hanna is a certified 2012 utbildade hon sig till syntolk på Fellingsbro folkhögskola and 2013-2015 she attended Kvarnby Folkhögskolas cartoonmaking-course. The following year she finished her comicbook “Spökresan” (aimed at readers 9 to 12 years old) that was released in May 2016. Apart from working with Seriestorm she takes to various art techniques such as embroidery, text, painting and collage.

Hanna Una Holmquist is an artist who´s mainly does animation, film and drawing. She is a master graduate of Umeå Konsthögskola (2016). She has worked as an art educator, art teacher and in a stage camp. She enjoys cooking, watching series and make music - preferably with friends.

Astrid Tolke is a cartoonist who loves summer camps. She grew up in Västra Harg, Mjölby, but is currently living in Stockholm. Apart from working in Seriestorm, she also does illustration for children's books. Astrid studied art at Nyckelviksskolan, and also attended “Serieskolan”, a two-year cartoon-making training at Kvarnby Folkhögskola. She has worked with children for many years, including work in preschools and as in summer camps.

Ylva Oknelid is a cartoonist who grew up in Falkenberg, but now lives and works in Malmö. She had been teaching cartoon-making at Malmö Kulturskola and has held workshops at various schools and festivals. Apart from Seriestorm she is working on her book “Violaresorna”. She enjoys cultivating and has one of Swedens biggest collection of library cards. Find more info on her ongoing work at:,

or instagram @ylvaoknelid.

Malin Skogberg grew up on an island outside Göteborg, but lives and works in Stockholm now. She has studied Graphic Design at Forsbergs skola, several courses in storytelling at HDK (Högskolan för konsthantverk och design) in Göteborg, and at Serieskolan in Malmö. She freelances as an Illustrator and Comic artist when she's not working with Seriestorm. Before she used to work at preschools.


Sara Taub Mkelle is a project manager with an interest for community development, culture and justice issues. She studied documentary filmmaking at Biskops-Arnö, political science at Södertörns Högskola and international project management at Nätverkstan, Göteborg. Previous work includes teaching documentary filmmaking at Hola Folkhögskola and method development in the project “Art as a place to meet” ( In 2014 she co-founded “Myller Kultur & Händelser” (, a cooperative in arts, tourism and cultural project. She is currently chairperson of Myller Kultur & händelser, and also of “Assaredsskolans föräldrakooperativa grundskola”, an elementary school in Gothenburg.

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